We are glad you made it here and hope to provide some information about one of the biggest things going on in our world today!

I am talking about Redox SIgnaling Molecules.  Other than what is already being manufactured inside your own living cells, there is no where else in the world that you can get more of these amazing molecules.  That was ...until ASEA had their breakthrough.

As you can see from above, there are three primary demographics that Redox can address. If one of these topics is important to you, click the proper button above to go directly to THAT page.


It also helps to identify what Redox is not. In a time when health and wellness occupy so much of our attention (for good reason) let us also differentiate between what might be perceived as just another attempt to get involved with current health trends and something that is a true category creator.  

If you currently utilize one or more of the products defined above, please do not interpret any comments on this page to indicate that they are not good for you, because that is for you to decide.  It is important to understand that without signaling molecules to tell the cells how to properly use these materials, they will likely go under-utilized or unutilized.


To get better understanding of the history and science of redox, click the buttons below to access those pages.

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