ASEA Flower Experiment
...lets see if it is only salt and water

I love the person who did this flower experiment and then made it available for all to see. It is not uncommon for someone to grab the bottle of ASEA, read the list of ingredients and say "this is just salt and water?" 


The common response is that [salt and water] were the ingredients that went into making ASEA redox signaling molecules.  However, the ingredients went through a multi-day process, one that is heavily patented; which converted these two ingredients into what they now represent REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES. 


Coincidentally or not, these are the exact same two elements that make redox inside of every living cell within our body.  Salt and water is just the beginning point!  Kindly review the experiment below for a pictorial understanding of what the realities are for ASEA vs. salt water vs. tap water.

What was suggested was to get a bunch of flowers and pick three that looked identical and see how each one fared after being placed in different liquids. So one would be placed into ASEA, another in salt water, and the last one in regular tap water

As you can see, day three is very similar to day 1.  Change becomes noticeable at Day 4 and progress rapidly from there.

Day 4 above is at 8 am and only 1 - 1/2 hours later at 9:30 am (below), the one in ASEA still looks great while the others are drooping even more quickly.

Reminder, the order is ASEA (left), Salt Water (middle), Tap Water (right).

So, what do YOU there a notable difference? 

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