Redox has been around since life began.

In fact….life is impossible without it.

First off, what are Redox Signaling Molecules, and why do we have them?

Redox has been around since the beginning of all life.  In fact without redox, we could not exist and would not have even been conceived.  It is through communications that occurs cell to cell Intercellular) and internal to each cell (intracellular) that makes possible all changes of life form. From 2 separate cells that  meet in the womb which then create a zygote; through the evolving changes that allows us to recognize the new life as a fetus, and then from fetus to infant. 


All the many changes from infant to adolescent, to youth, teen, young adult, adult, and finally our last stages of life, all are empowered and made possible through important communications.   When most are struggling to continue to exist...redox plays an important and vital role.  Keep reading below for more understanding.

So if Redox has been around for so long, why are we only now hearing anything about it?  great is the simple answer.  Until the late 90's (1998) when the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded jointly 3 men (messrs Furchgott, Ignarro, and Murad) for their contributions in recognizing redox as a signaling molecule and it's impact in the cardiovascular system. 


Prior to then the scientific community thought it was simply a bi-product (think "exhaust" fumes on a car) when converting fuel into energy (ATP) within the mitochondria inside all living cells.

So how far have we come in these years? Despite being told that it was impossible to create redox outside of living cell, it was not long before a highly patented process made that "old news" and testing began with major universities, as well as, at the FDA in efforts to get approval as a medicine.  The efforts at the FDA ended when it was finally proven that no realistic amount of the product could be consumed in order to achieve an LD 50 which is mandatory for all medicines.  This means that there is a Lethal Dosing (LD) for 50% of a test population.  


The take-away - Redox Signaling Molecules are 100% non-toxic because if over consumption were possible, the body would denature the product back to original ingredients (essential a saline solution). 


Redox Biochemistry is growing at fast clip in order to take advantage of new tools.  Using the first and only source outside of the human body to replenish the diminishing supply caused by aging, accident/injury, illness/disease, in addition to all forms of cellular breakdown.  

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